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Office: 464-4042


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John DeWyze - Campus Minister                                                                                   

Hi!  My name is John DeWyze and I am very excited to be your new campus minister.  The St. T's community has already amazed me  with the warmest of welcomes.  I already feel like I belong and I cannot wait to begin celebrating, praying, and having fun with everyone.  I am excited to meet all of you, so to give you a head start here is a little something about me.

I am originally from a northwest suburb of Chicago, Arlington Heights.  As a result I am a Cubs fan, which I have heard I should not share too loudly around certain priests ;-).  As a result of being a Chicagoan I am a pizza aficionado.  I absolutely love deep dish pizza (and all pizzas for that matter, I'm an equal opportunity eater) and can make deep dish from scratch.  If you're ever interested let me know and I'd be happy to show you how to make it, or we can just share a pizza together.  I love to play any and every game: cards, sports, board, jeopardy, etc.  So if you ever need a 4th for Euchre, a 5th for Clue, or an 18th for softball, feel free to give me a call.  I love to read, enjoy a good television comedy, and going to movies is one of my favorite past times.

I did my undergraduate degree at Iowa State University, where after 5 major changes, I received a degree in Religious Studies.  It was at my student center that I first got involved in ministry and felt a call to continue serving others and sharing the love of Christ. I eventually moved off to the University of Dayton to get my Masters in Theology.  While there I worked as a graduate assistant in the campus ministry department leading retreats, developing programs, grilling pancakes, and celebrating the sacraments with all the students I met.  The call from Christ to love and share His message is a huge part of my life.  I also love asking questions and growing in the understanding of my faith.  This summer, I am traveling to Guatemala for 5 weeks to learn Spanish and do service.  I hope to have great stories to share with whoever is interested.

So if you're ever looking to play a game, watch the Cubs, pray, ask questions about the meaning of life, or learn more about God I would love to meet you.  I can't wait to join your community and walk with you on your faith journey.  I hope you all have a wonderful summer.



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